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Do you need a real estate agent while buying a home?

27 May, 2023

“You can certainly buy a house without a real estate agent,

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A to T of Realty – common words associated with home buying (part 1)

18 May, 2023

Welcome to ‘Take a closer look’ with Gems City – in this series of blogs we go deep into real …

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You’re not alone taking a home loan – Gems City Joka throws more light

24 April, 2023

In an earlier Gems City Joka blog we had discussed how to choose …

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Early buyers get the most out of property price appreciation

18 April, 2023

Most developments like Gems City Joka start marketing at a stage …

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First Time Home Buyer Tips #2 – Gems City Joka

26 March, 2023

This is the second part of the blog to assist first time home buyers…

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