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All You Need to know about Open Kitchens

22 May, 2022
apartments with open kitchen plan in South Kolkata

An open kitchen is an area not separated from the dining or drawing area. It is just a suitable layout for small-sized apartments or independent homes where space is limited. However, they can also be found in some large homes adjacent to the living area.

It has become a trend for Indian urban dwellers to construct an open kitchen as the simplest solution to lack of space as well as to make your home look bigger.

Advantages of open kitchens

Boosts interaction with other home members

An open kitchen plan allows increased social interaction among family members. It also establishes a good communicative bond with guests such that cooking and entertainment are shared in the same area.

More light and ventilation

This is the main advantage of an open kitchen that eliminates the discomfort caused due to poor ventilation and lighting. It also enables plenty of air and light, creating a good ambience for those who work inside the kitchen.

Elegant and trendy

The layout of an open kitchen is considered much more modernised as compared to traditional closed kitchens. It is constructed as a part of an extension of the main drawing area.

Simple and compact

Due to urbanization and lack of space, apartments are crowding up every now and then. Smaller apartments facilitate the minimalistic look of an open kitchen that is both simple and advantageous. It makes the look feel classier and more spacious than traditional kitchens.

Disadvantages of an open kitchen


The kitchen is at one corner of the drawing or living area, creating a messy look to the overall surroundings. The way one cooks or keeps things disorganized can easily be seen by anyone entering the room. There are both lack of privacy and it is very distracting.

Noisy kitchen and smelly atmosphere

This is a major disadvantage of open kitchens. The sound of cooking, cutting and operation of any appliance directly distracts any conversation going around in any other part of the house. Smells of different kinds hinder peacefulness and there is no way that one can conceal them due to the lack of doors.

Raises room temperature

Any cooking area raises the overall temperature of the room. In the case of small rooms with no proper ventilation adds to the discomfort of the people living in the apartment. Therefore, any additional heat regulators incur additional expenses.

Lack of some crucial kitchen space

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Gems city offers its residents options of an open kitchen as well as a traditional kitchen. After reading this article, you may book your apartment at Gems City in accordance with your kitchen requirement.

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