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The Snake Plant Benefits that Make Them Essential for Your Home

27 April, 2022
snake plants for oxygen supply and home decoration

Homemakers always diligently strive to make their home look more exquisite and a beautiful place to live in. Adding indoor snake plants simply boosts the look and feel of a graceful home. But, did you know that having snake plants can yield a lot more benefits than just offering an aesthetically pleasing look to your home?

Snake plants are the most popular type of indoor plant that has made a name worldwide for their numerous benefits. These plants are also called ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’ that needs low maintenance and minimal care to thrive. Let us check how a snake plant can actually be your best green buddy at home:

Withstands paucity of water

Being succulent plants, snake plants can survive in a variety of climates. These plants need to be hydrated once a month through the entire winter season to enable them to survive. However, excessive irrigation can completely destroy the plant

Active oxygen provider

Snake plants are believed to be the greatest oxygen supplying plant in nature based on the recent research released at Howard. Their physiological advantages for human beings are numerous since they can very easily absorb toxic substances from the atmosphere. Apart from absorbing oxygen and supplying it to the nearby surroundings, these plants can exude dampness into the atmosphere and reduce risks of respiratory infection.

Organic air purifier

Snake plants assist in the removal of additional pollutants from the atmosphere such as benzene, xylene, formaldehyde etc. They can also accumulate exorbitant levels of carbon monoxide and generate oxygen 24/7.

Removes air contamination

Latest studies reveal that not only exterior air but also domestic air contamination can pose severe health defects. So in order to minimize those effects, the best choice is to grow snake plants both indoor and outdoor as these plants can dwell in all environments and endure intense sunshine which many other indoor plants cannot.

Nocturnal carbon dioxide absorber

Even during the night, snake plants can absorb high levels of carbon dioxide. These dry weather acclimatize succulents can conduct a special sort of photosynthesis in which they can widen their stomata during the night to reduce moisture evaporation in warm climates.

Low maintenance

Snake plants are the most low maintenance plants in the plant kingdom. This variety can withstand direct sunlight, lack of irrigation and fertilizer, complete shade etc. This shows that it can still grow even when left unattended for a prolonged period of time. Organic fertilizers can be used once in a month when necessary.

Alluring appearance

Apart from being the greatest air cleanser indoor plant, snake plants come in a decorative appearance and a distinctive look. The dense and towering leaves featuring shades of green, yellow and grey give these plants a fascinating and stunning appearance.

Prevents cancer

Snake plants act as an anti-cancer shield for their capacity to consume and eliminate unwanted air contaminants and cancer-causing chemicals. Thus, it is ideal to treat and prevent fatal sicknesses like cancer.

Approval from NASA

The experiment on house plants was a renowned study done in 1989 which demonstrated that plants like the snake plants with large blade base areas work to act as an organic air purifier, in a much superior way than other plants.

Wrap up

With such numerous benefits, snake plants make a great addition to your home and office. The low-maintenance plant enhances your place with its beauty. Thus, if you really want to make your apartment look apart from the rest, you must opt for a variety of snake plants depending upon space availability.

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