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Vastu-friendly Tips for Your House

27 May, 2022
vastu shastra for new home in South Kolkata

Vastu Shastra is nothing new but making changes to the already existing home with just some investment of time. It does not relate to the structure of the house but includes the influx of positive energy and enhances vibes of tranquillity and peace in your house. House residents can make their home Vastu-friendly very easily by remodelling it in a few different ways.

Let us look at some quick and simple DIY ways that are believed to bring positive energy into your house:

Hang a nameplate

It is an old yet innovative way to help opportunities and positive energy to find your address easily. Putting your name outside the house provides the guests with the utmost respect and welcome. This theory is believed to land happiness at your doorstep in any form and during any instance.

More light and ventilation

This is the main advantage of an open kitchen that eliminates the discomfort caused due to poor ventilation and lighting. It also enables plenty of air and light, creating a good ambience for those who work inside the kitchen.

Set up an aquarium

Getting a pet, especially setting up an aquarium with colorful and exotic fishes in the northeast of your living room represents positivity. Water in a fish tank symbolizes life and moving water denotes liveliness and positivity. Observing fishes soothes your tense mind and helps you come out of many worries.

Showoff some salt

Salt serves the purpose of reducing negative vibes around your home. Place salt water in any corner of your living area, especially where there are children or pets in the house. Also, putting a bowl with a small pinch of salt will do the same task.

Keep your house clean

Cleaning doesn’t need a reason but itself is an attempt to reduce pollution within your house. Make sure to keep the room ventilated and try to keep the windows open. Open your doors facing the east side to let positive vibes of finance flow without any obstruction. Closed doors bring negative energy and block getting out of negative vibes.

Illuminate your rooms

Illuminating your rooms is the key element to good fortune because the beginning of time is fire. It is a natural cleanser. Light earthen lamps and use a good fragrance of incense sticks twice a day to guard off any foul smell. It also restricts bad energy and spirits from entering the house and symbolizes the presence of a deity inside the house.

Put lemon water in a jar

Place in your living area a half glass of lemon water and remember to change it every Saturday. Lemon adds a cooling effect to the air and is believed to influence reducing disagreements among family members and also aids in calming the mind.

Put no mirrors in bedroom

Mirrors absorb positive energy and repel negative energy as per Vastu. Putting a mirror leads to family conflicts and disagreement. Also, never place a mirror in a way that reflects any of your body parts while sleeping as your health can develop issues. Even if there is a mirror in your bedroom, forget not to cover it with a sheet.

Grow a Tulsi plant

Tulsi is believed to have mythological importance as per the Hindu tradition. According to Vastu, it keeps the air fresh and brightens your space. It is the most auspicious plant that can be placed in the front or the back of the house because it cleanses the air and constantly fetches positive energy into your house.

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