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Tricks and Hacks to Make Your Home Summer-ready

25 March, 2022
beat the heat in this summer with these home décor hacks

Decorating homes during summer is so much fun and it’s a great excuse to update your living with unique and modern ideas. One can easily make their home turn into a decent stay by decorating whatever spaces are available both inside and outside. The theme of summer decoration is based on light fabrics, bright colours with a touch of beach-inspired décor.

With just a few accessories, the most awaited summer-inspired decor can be achieved. Let us look into some favourite ideas for making the most of your summer at home:

Décor your bedroom with a light printed be cover

A new duvet cover can change the entire makeover of your bedroom in an instant. Switching to light coloured bed sheets with simple fabric prints enhances the elegance and enriches peace for your living. Light coloured linen and cotton are most comfortable for bedding since the external weather heats up easily. Beach-inspired patterns are perfect for summer since it gives a feeling of embracing a full coastal theme for your home.

Make your porch a summer party place

When the weather warms up but still we want to stay outdoors then this idea is a splendid one. If the surrounding area of your home is wilder then turn the porch into a spot for relaxation and entertainment. To add up, place light coloured wooden furniture or bamboo accessories to add a touch of beauty to it. Make a certain outdoor space especially a little away from the outdoor into a stylist porch and decorate it in such a way to make it a focal point for any visitor to sit and relax.

Add outdoor light to create amusing evenings

Summer is fun when string lights are used for home décor. They come in variety of shapes and colours, making your house look externally exquisite. It also gives an inspirational lighting touch to the outdoor areas and adds richness to its ambience. The selection of lights is important and they must be of lighter shades or classic light bulbs to create a magical evening either in the external courtyard or the porch.

Make use of Macrame and Crafty summer accessories

Other than any summer crafts, Macrame and summer accessories are a perfect fit for this season. The natural colour blended mixed and crafted décor and materials with contemporary furnishings make summer more relaxing. One can easily add softness to their bedrooms by use of Macrame and oval wall hangings. Even in the dining space or drawing area, the use of Macramé as a chief substance for decoration can prove worthy.

Add a new shower curtain to your bathroom

Water is the most peaceful thing in summer and spending long hours of showers is relaxing and refreshing. Occasional changes to your shower curtain are the most inexpensive way to upgrade your bathroom. The curtains can be cleaned, dried and stored so as to rotate in and out every season. One can also have a set of seasonal towers to match with the print of the shower curtain for further enhancement of mood.

Try using summer scents

Other than visuals, decorations also count when the enigma of your staying smells nice. Tropical and citrus scents create beautiful summer moods. One can make a perfect mix of scents for their home in accordance with the room pattern, colour and accessories. Match your campaign holders and diffusers so that each room has a customized look and one can easily relish the beauty of your living by cherishing the smell of the season.

Create summer swag light

Make any particular corner of your house filled with a rich look of enhanced darkness by using a little extra light in that space. Plug-In swag lighting not only adds a little illumination but also enriched your room with unique styling. Swag rights can easily create a reading corner or a small candlelit eating space even in a small home. Choose an airy design to allow natural light to reflect through even when the bulb is not on.

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