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Types of Granite that are commonly Used to Give an Exquisite Outlook to Your Home

22 April, 2022
different types and variety of granite and their uses at home

Granite makes your home beautifully attractive and elegant. With marvellous countertops and kitchen finish, there are various types of granite that provide your home with the ultimate touch. Besides, Indian granite comes in a variety of wonderful colors yet at economical costs.

Granite is not only durable but also glossy. Generally, the stone is used for flooring and with the variations found in its pattern these days, the home looks much hideous. The common colors are white, red, gray, brown and black.

Different kinds of granite are available in the market but choosing the best one for your home is not easy. Let us look into a sorted list of granite found that can be put to the best use for your home as per requirement.

Alaska white granite

It is a vibrant white granite with quality veins and massive flowers. This granite has its origin in Rajasthan and carries a rich reputation for which it is promoted maximum. The call of this granite is stimulated by the means of the great Alaskan area of the United States. Generally, it is 2-3 cm thick and is best suited for your kitchen countertop.

Multicolor red granite

This popular type of red granite is quarried from India and has a darker red background with wavy brown and black veins. It is mined in the Indian state of Karnataka and can serve its purpose as memorials, wall coverings and flooring. It is the bestselling granite in Poland, Romania, Germany, and Slovakia.

New imperial granite

Mined in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, this granite has both small to big flowers. The factories for this granite are located in Rajasthan. It is a prominent choice for memorials and monuments but can also be used as bathroom and outdoor floors. It comes in various sizes and thicknesses. The main market for this granite is Russia.

Kashmir white granite

This is probably India’s most iconic white granite, quarried in Madurai with a clear white background and gray and brown shades with brown garnets. It is a granite commonly seen in airports all around the world. Not only the material is hard and uniform but also affordable. The factory for this granite is in Bangalore but it is largely popular in American and European countries. It can be cut into slabs and tiles.

Brown granite

Being the most widely used granite globally, it has a dark brown texture with patterned lighter flowers. The brown color has beige colors mixed. It is mined from Karimnagar, Telengana. The bronzed brown granite is suitable for bathroom sinks, flooring, kitchen countertops and wall coverings. The light brown granite is an excellent type of granite, economical for projects. This granite is also popular in USA, Russia< North Africa and the Middle East.

Black galaxy granite

This is the second most famous black granite from India with a darkish black historical past with silver and gold flecks. The flecks give a shine when exposed to light. This granite appears lovely on benchtops, kitchen countertops, monuments etc. It is also famous in Indonesia, Algeria, Morocco, Malaysia etc.

Absolute black granite

It is the most commonly used granite in the world, usually known as jet black granite for its strong black shade. Slabs of this granite can be both small and massive sizes. They find their utility as kitchen countertops mainly. This granite can also be cut into tiles and used for wall decoration, flooring etc. When comes to the question of relying upon, this granite is the ultimate choice.

Classico granite

It is a beautiful type of granite with a cloudy pattern of gray and purple. It gives your home an elegant touch with a decent appearance. It is an ideal choice for kitchen worktops. Countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy, and France, use this granite a lot. This granite comes in cut slabs, tiles and several other formats to be used as floorings and wall coverings.

These are the most popular types of granite used in the construction of apartments and bungalows. If you want to know about the types of construction sands then click here.

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